Cinergy Productions advises filmmakers on financial architecture including structuring debt and equity finance, examining production and project budgets, cash flow, casting selections, packaging, resource allocation and distributor interest in all stages of production and distribution. We specializes in structuring complex international co-productions and are well versed in all tax incentives both foreign and domestic.

In the development stage, we assist in finding financing and co-production partners, as well as providing consultation during the script and casting process to ensure that the film and subsequent talent attached is internationally recognized to provide the best opportunity for commercial success. We are very diligent and careful in our selection of projects and never look to cross-compete within our slate of new releases.

Cinergy also provides cutting-edge production services, providing individually tailored solutions for filmmakers to see their projects through to completion. We acquire and package projects that have targeted audiences, and offer international distributors first class marketing and technical delivery.

Cinergy Productions: Facilitating the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions.